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Breading systems SCHOMAKER STP 250

The compact dry breading system SCHOMAKER is designed for small-scale and continuous production. The dry breading machine is used in meat and fish processing plants, as well as in the food industry. The dry breading system ensures continuous, even, and complete coverage of the product with dry breadcrumbs tailored to the specific requirements of each product. The device is constructed with high-quality components, offering reliable operation while maintaining a hygienic food processing standard.


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  • Made of stainless steel and materials suitable for food contact
  • Sturdy mobile machine frame design with 4 swivel wheels with locks and height adjustment
  • Continuous breading for full product coverage
  • Excess breading is blown off the product
  • The breading circulates in a closed system, reintroduced through the screw conveyor
  • Belt speed and screw speed are adjustable via a potentiometer
  • All machine parts can be easily disassembled without the use of tools
  • Ease of integration with existing production lines
  • Working belt width: 250mm (options: 400, 600 up to 1000mm)
  • Belt speed: 1-12m/min
  • Breading tank capacity: 5-6 liters
  • Loading height level: 1050 +/- 50mm
  • Dimensions: 1500x500x1650mm
  • Electrical connection: 400V, 3 phases, 50-60Hz


  • Compact systems for mass catering facilities, cafeterias, canteens, and small-scale meat processing plants
  • Fried fish, fish cakes, fish sticks, seafood
  • Cutlets, chicken fillets, nuggets, mozzarella sticks