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Dry spices applicator SCHOMAKER STWC

The dry spice applicator completely coats the products with powdered spices or fine breadcrumbs with herbal ingredients. It is suitable for various items, including grilled skewers, steaks, bacon, meat fillets, meatballs, chicken pieces, skewers, and cheeses such as feta and mozzarella.


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  • Made of stainless steel and materials suitable for food contact
  • Sturdy mobile machine design with 4 swivel wheels with locks and height adjustment
  • The device operates without the need for an additional cyclone filter
  • Easy-to-clean device
  • Space-saving
  • Industrial machines of the STWC type with belt widths of 400, 600, and 1000mm
  • Choice of belt type depending on product specifications
  • Ease of integration with existing production lines
  • Compatibility with other types of equipment